About Us

LISGAL is an experienced company that has been manufacturing carpentry and solid parquet boards for several decades.
LISGAL is an experienced manufacturer of parquet and solid parquet board in Ukraine. LISGAL has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2000. Since the beginning of our existence, we have paid great attention to product quality. Many years of experience and the desire to improve have allowed us to become one of the best in this field and start working with European companies.
In 2019, the company decided to renovate and upgrade equipment in order to create the highest quality products. Investing in new technologies and choosing the highest quality materials, we have achieved success and the ability to offer a product of the highest technical and aesthetic quality.
Brand Lisgal

Rarquet Flooring

Lisgal offers a wide range of solid wood floors, both premium and standard. Before reaching the customer, all our products are thoroughly tested for quality so that you can get only the best product.

Brand Lisgal Art


Lisgal Art is a team of young and experienced professionals who have inherited the experience of carpentry from generation to generation.

Our masters make products with the help of equipment from leading European companies, which gives us the opportunity to produce a high quality product. Today we can confidently offer you exclusive and high-quality solid wood products.